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Sunheaven Farms is an expense-sharing venture serving five family farms in the Horse Heaven Hills region of south-central Washington state.  The five families farm nearly 24,000 acres of row crops under center-pivot irrigation that include onions, grass seed, sugar beets, and various other crops.

After 40 years in business, and five generations currently living on the farm, Sunheaven Farms still has the strong sense of family that began the business.  The core values of Service, Integrity, Character, Communication, and Accountability are pillars at the foundation of each new day.  The practices of treating employees with respect and fairness, and being good stewards of our land, water, and other resources are what allow Sunheaven Farms to leave a family farming legacy to future generations.


Most employment opportunities are seasonal. Check back often for updates. Please do not call to inquire about job opportunities. All available jobs will be listed on this site.

Sunheaven Farms represents exceptional producers with keen business skills and honest hearts

Our mission is to produce safe, high quality crops for market, develop more efficient and cost effective methods of farming while protecting the environment by being good stewards of the land and responsible users of water. We believe in developing the great resource of people and strive to treat all employees with respect and dignity while paying a fair wage. We also believe in being honest in all of our business dealings.