Clyde Bybee

Clyde grew up in Nyssa, Oregon, a small community in eastern Oregon on the boarder separating Idaho and Oregon. Clyde graduated from Nyssa High School in 1957. He attended college at Brigham Young University and Weber State but due to the death of his father, of necessity he took over the family farming operation in 1959. He successfully farmed 600 acres and was considered one of the top farming entities in the Nyssa area. In 1976 he moved his family to Prosser, Washington to become one of original partners of the Sunheaven  arms partnership. He currently farms approximately 6800 acres with his son, Neal. Together they grow onions, bluegrass, rye grass, green peas and beans and sweet corn. Clyde has ownership in Bybee Farms, LLC, Bybee Produce, LLC, Clyde Bybee Farms, LLC, Bybee Holding, LLC, Columbia Ridge Farms, LLC, Sun heaven Farms, LLC, Columbia River Seed, LLC, and Columbia River Services, LLC. Clyde’s family consists of his wife, Gay (now deceased), Vance, Scott and Neal.

Brent Hartley

Brent graduated from Adrian High School in Adrian, Oregon and then attended Utah State University where he received his BA in Ag Business. Brent was one of the pioneers in developing the onion industry in the state of Washington and also starting onion exporting to Japan. To this day, the Japanese regard Brent Hartley as one of the premier onion operations in the United States. He currently farms 4200 acres of owned and rented land and he also owns Hartley Produce, LLC, an onion fresh pack shed that ships three million bags per  ear both domestically and internationally. The organizations in which Brent has ownership are: Sunheaven Farms, LLC, Brent Hartley Farms, LLC, Hartley Produce, LLC, Brent Hartley Land, LLC, Brent Hartley Farm Buildings, LLC, Columbia River Seed, LLC, and Columbia River Services, LLC. Brent is married to his wife Bernie I and they have two sons, Troy and Taryn, who currently are part of the farming operation. Their other children are Pam, Shawn, Hailey and Jeni Lynn.

Duane Munn

Duane grew up on a farm in Eastern Oregon and graduated from high school at Adrian, Oregon. He attended college at Treasure Valley Community College in Ontario, Oregon and continued farming with his dad, Lorin. In the early 1970’s, Duane and his dad felt the future of farming was in center pivot irrigation and began looking for property in eastern Washington. Lorin Munn was a visionary and while Duane took care of the home place, Lorin and his other son, Robert, began searching for a potential site. Property was found and purchased and in July of 1976, construction began. Currently Duane and his son, Shane, farm approximately 5400 acres of conventional row crops with some organic vegetables. Duane has ownership in Duane Munn & Sons Farms, LLC, Munn Farms Trucking, LLC, Sun heaven  arms, LLC, Columbia River Seed, LLC and Columbia River Services, LLC. Duane is married to Susan (Holmes) and they have five children, Brandon, Shane, Julie, Wrendie and Jeni.

Robert Munn

Robert was born in Hooper, Utah but at a young age his family moved to Adrian, Oregon where his father, Lorin, began farming. Robert grew up with farming in his blood and while still a young man, found the love of his life and married Larna Garner. Together they started their own farming operation and in 19 Robert was chosen Young Oregon Farmer of the Year. Robert has not only been involved in raising row crops but while in Adrian, he successfully started a feed lot. In the early 70’s Robert and his dad Lorin began looking for land in Washington State where a center pivot irrigation project could be developed. After finding and purchasing the ground, the Sunheaven Farms partnership was formed and Robert became the first managing partner. Through his leadership, guidance and financial strength, the Sunheaven group has grown from a 9600 acre irrigated farm to 24,000 acres of owned and leased land. Robert, now mostly retired, currently owns a home in Florida where he and Lama spend winters but in the spring they always return to Prosser. The second generation comprised of Randy, Ryan and Rob now oversee the 4900 acre farming operation and are owners/members of R Munn Farms, LLC, R Munn Land Company, LLC, R Munn Family Holdings, LLC, Sun heaven Farms, LLC, Columbia River Seed, LLC and Columbia River  Services, LLC .

Brent Schulthies